Aloo Pakora

We all have that one food that takes us to make to a specific time and place. For me, it's these aloo pakoray. The minute I take a bite of an aloo pakora, I'm instantly transported back to either cold rainy days with fresh, warm pakoras or long Ramadan days ending with a huge iftari which always featured a ton of pakoray.


And who can forget the tangy chutneys that always accompanied these delicious, fried pakoray? While there are many, many types of pakoras/fritters, aloo pakora still reigns supreme for taste, crunch, and tradition. 


This recipe is super easy to throw together, and you can even pre-make the besan/gram flour mixture. The pinch of baking soda adds a wonderful fluffiness while chopping the potato and onion thinly adds a delightful crunch. Additionally, you can either shallow-fry or deep-fry them according to your preference.


Honestly, the hardest part about making these pakoras is trying not to eat the entire plate! Definitely give this recipe a try and enjoy the perfect amount of crispiness and flavor with these aloo pakoray!

Let's start cooking!

aloo pakoray.png

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